The windmill near the area of the building

Officers from the Local Police and Fire fighters from Torrevieja found the lifeless body of a man, said to be of 66 years of age and from Madrid, in an apartment on calle Bazán near the Plaza de Molino.

Officers had attended the property and tried to raise a response by knocking on the door, but received no reply and found it to be locked from the inside. With the authority of the court, the police and fire fighters accessed the property through a window and found the man lay on the floor, showing no signs of consciousness or life.

Medical staff were able to enter the premises but they could do nothing other than certify the death of the man.

The man is believed to have been suffering from diabetes and had arrived from Madrid a few days ago. Neighbours state that the mad had seen within the last day.

As reported many time before, the authorities of Torrevieja say that they are called to attend around thirty instances like this each year, when, in most cases, an elderly person dies alone at home. They also state that the majority of these cases affect foreign nationals who have become resident in the area.

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