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The National Police detain five people in Cádiz and manage to thwart a cache of 1,100 kilograms of hashish



Agents of the National Police, within the framework of the Meridional Plan, have arrested five people in the province of Cádiz, from whom they have intercepted a total of 1,119 kilograms of hashish and a high-end vehicle that had been previously stolen. During the operation, the agents have managed to thwart a cache and dismantle two nurseries of narcotic substances.

The police intervention began when a coastal surveillance device was established in Algeciras for areas usually used for making caches. At that time, the agents observed a vehicle that, after carrying out various checks in the police databases, it turned out that it had been previously stolen.

The vehicle was heading to an area known as Las Pantallas, where the transport of narcotic substances is usually carried out. From there it left loaded with bales of hashish to an urbanisation in Algeciras, where he remained parked next to a house until, a few hours later, it was transferred to the interior of a garage located on another street.

30 bales of hashish found in two homes

With this information, the agents accessed the garage, where they found the stolen vehicle and 15 bales of hashish stacked on the wall, which yielded an approximate gross weight of 564 kilograms. Subsequently, the resident of the adjoining house and a second person were arrested, and an entry was made into the house where the vehicle had previously remained parked. There the agents found another 15 bales of hashish in the stairwell, whose gross weight was 555 kilograms.

Next, two more people were arrested, accused of a crime against public health. One of them was found after having fled through one of the bedrooms on the upper floor, trying to escape police intervention. Finally, a fifth person accused of the same crime was arrested.



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