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The Guardia Civil detains 11 people and seizes 2,600 kg of hashish on the Almería coast



The Guardia Civil, in an operation that has had the collaboration of the European Agency FRONTEX, has frustrated two different caches on the coast of Almería, in which close to 2,600 kg of hashish, a vehicle and a boat have been seized, and 11 people detained.

In the first action, around 3:00 a.m. on the 1st, the Guardia Civil of Almería issued a notice to the service units of the detection through the Integrated External Surveillance System SIVE of a vessel suspected of engaging in drug trafficking entering Almería coasts. A large device was then organised with investigative units, the Maritime Service and citizen security patrols, which managed to locate the landing and loading of the bales of hashish in the Bay of Almería.

When they were surprised by the Guardia Civil, part of the personnel dedicated to the unloading jumped into the sea, the agents called for nautical assistance, while others from the group began their escape by road, which caused a vehicle chase, which ended with the seizure of 50 bundles of hashish, a vehicle and the arrest of seven people.

In the second action, the result of the services developed from the Maritime Coordination and Surveillance Centre (CECORVIGMAR) of the Guardia Civil with the European Agency FRONTEX, with the participation of the patrol boat “Tenente Petrucci” of the Italian Finance Guard with Guardia Civils on board, a vessel was detected 11 miles south of the west coast of Almería that was identified as likely to engage in drug trafficking.

During the approach by the patrol boat, a brief chase begins that ends with its interception and the intervention of 30 bundles of hashish and the arrest of four people and different technical means.

As a result of these two actions, the Guardia Civil of the Almería Command, with the collaboration of means deployed by the Frontex Agency in the Mediterranean Sea, have managed to frustrate two caches of hashish, intervening a total of 80 bales (2,600 kg) a vehicle and a boat, and have also carried out the arrest of 11 people who have entered prison.



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