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Spain Today – Thursday 11 April 2024



Spanish news on Thursday includes water resources still low but stabilising, 66-year-old suspect sexual assault surfer on trial, and the end of print in nigh.

Plus, in the financial world, it’s all eyes on Europe.

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Spanish News Headlines

According to the latest weekly Hydrological Bulletin, the Spanish hydraulic reserve stands at 66% of its total capacity (56,039 hm³), compared to 51.2% the previous year and 63.8% of the average for the last decade.

The reservoirs currently store 36,992 hm³ of water, increasing in the last week by 1,591 hm³ (2.8% of the current total capacity of the reservoirs).

The First Section of the Las Palmas Court will begin to hear evidence from today, Thursday, against a 66-year-old surfer from Gran Canaria accused of sexually abusing a minor in 2014, when the child was 10 years old.

The Prosecutor’s Office requests a sentence of six years in prison and a restraining order against the complainant for nine years. The prosecutor is also demanding, as a precautionary measure, in prohibiting him from approaching the minor or any place where she is at a distance of less than 500 metres, as well as from communicating with her by any means, until the procedure is completed through a judicial resolution.

Those of a certain age might remember the days of queues building outside the likes of Aldi and Lidl in Spain, people waiting to dash inside and pick up both the “middle of the Lidl” bargains, and, more importantly, the weekly catalogue showcasing these products on promotion, but all of that changed, and, frankly, not actually that long ago, when the chains gave a preference to publishing their brochures in digital form, and even allowing you to view them in advance.

As we transition into this developing era of digital publications, the latest chain to promote their commitment to promoting more sustainable practices, E. Leclerc launches the “Less is More” campaign, with which as of May 2, the mailing of leaflets will be dispensed with all together.

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Business, Markets and Statistics

Thursday is a local holiday in Alicante city, not the province.

The focus of investor attention will be on the ECB meeting that will take place on Thursday, April 11. Although no change in official interest rates is expected, markets expect the European monetary authority to define its next movements. Specifically, investors expect the ECB to begin the process of easing its monetary policy at its next meeting in June, when it would lower reference interest rates by 25 bp.

In Spain, the INE will publish the data on commercial companies for February.

On a business level, Ferrovial will hold its first shareholders meeting in Amsterdam, after the change of headquarters.

In the UK, with talk last week about the possibility of paying for an ambulance to reduce the risk of you dying during the wait, NHS England key services performance data and A&E indicators are published on Thursday.

Traffic and Travel

Road wise, there´s nothing significant planned but remember that if you are venturing into the mountain areas, which in some cases might be less than an hour from the sunny coast, snow chains should be a consideration to avoid getting stranded.

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