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66-year-old suspect sexual assault surfer on trial



The First Section of the Las Palmas Court will begin to hear evidence from today, Thursday, against a 66-year-old surfer from Gran Canaria accused of sexually abusing a minor in 2014, when the child was 10 years old.

The Prosecutor’s Office requests a sentence of six years in prison and a restraining order against the complainant for nine years. The prosecutor is also demanding, as a precautionary measure, in prohibiting him from approaching the minor or any place where she is at a distance of less than 500 metres, as well as from communicating with her by any means, until the procedure is completed through a judicial resolution.

The minor knew the accused because he was the partner of one of her mother’s friends and taught her how to surf. The day on which the events supposedly took place is not clear, but at some point in 2014, coinciding with the occasions in which the minor stayed to sleep at their house to get up very early to catch waves on a beach in the judicial district of Guía.

The Prosecutor maintains that the suspect “carried out acts of a sexual nature with libidinous spirit on five occasions during five weekends in a row.” In the first case described in the indictment, the defendant reportedly asked the minor to sleep with him in the bottom bed of a bunk bed. “He put his hand inside the minor’s pyjamas and began to tickle her private parts, to which she, pretending to be asleep, turned around with her back to the accused,” the document states.

Immediately afterwards, according to the accusation, the defendant “dropped his pants and pressed his genitals against the minor, moving in a way that simulated the sexual act, but without penetration” and, when he stopped, he allegedly took the minor’s hand towards his penis.

The document describes that the minor’s first response was to pretend to be asleep, as on the following four occasions.

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