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Britain Bound Drugs Haul Seized

Officers from the National Police, in collaboration with Merseyside Police, have broken up a group of suspected drug traffickers who sent trucks from Spain to Britain with marijuana hidden in packages allegedly containing marble...

Torrevieja Couple Arrested for Stashing Drugs in Their Attic and Selling Them from Home

A couple who sold drugs from their Torrevieja home, and hid them in the attic, has been arrested by the National Police on charges of crimes against public health. The raid at an undisclosed address in the city took place last month, but details of the operation have only been recently released. The couple aged

Seven Arrested in Los Montesinos Drugs Raid

Seven Los Montesinos residents aged between 21 and 35, have been arrested by the Guardia Civil after a raid on an address in the town which used to sell and consume drugs.   Surveillance operations on the building led to the arrests and subsequent charges of breaking of public health laws, with a 16-year-old child

Irish Man Arrested After Guardia Civil Uncover Huge Marijuana Farm at His Catral Home

A 35-year-old Irish national and his 28-year-old British girlfriend have been arrested after the Guardia Civil uncovered a big marijuana farm in the underground garage of their Catral housing complex.   104 plants were discovered along with sophisticated watering, ventilation and lighting systems. All of the gear was seized in addition to a couple of

Cannabis Production and Distribution Operation Closed Down in Elche with 27 Arrests

A massive cannabis production and distribution operation has been smashed by the Guardia Civil with 27 people of Dutch, Spanish, and Columbian nationalities being arrested in the Elche, Orihuela, Rojales and Torrevieja areas. Eleven-hundred marijuana plants were seized, along with twelve-hundred kilos of seeds to grow the plants, plus a range of equipment, including kits

Routine Vehicle Stop Leads to Massive Marijuana Haul in San Miguel

A recent routine vehicle stop in San Miguel de Salinas by the Guardia Civil just a few metres from their barracks netted 21 kilos of marijuana. The drugs could easily be spotted inside the car, as they were not even stashed away in the boot.  The Guardia were operating on the main road through the town, Calle 19

Brain Tumour Caused Murcia Woman to Believe She Was Conversing with the Virgin Mary

A brain tumour caused a 60-year-old Murcia region woman to believe she was speaking with the Virgin Mary. A report from Murcia’s Morales Meseguer hospital said she became “obsessed with religion” during a two-month period before being diagnosed with an aggressive form of brain cancer. She began to have regular visions of the Virgin Mary

Elche Council Increases Fines for Bad Behaviour from Cyclists

Elche council is getting tough on cyclists who are pedalling under the influence of alcohol and drugs. An amendment to the traffic ordinance will mean fines of between 60 and 500 euro if a cyclist is deemed unfit to get onto the road, with increased penalties for refusing a drink or drug test. Doing a

Drivers Involved in Accidents in Torrevieja Face Drugs and Alcohol Test

Drivers involved in accidents in Torrevieja are to be tested for drugs in addition to the regular alcohol tests by the local police. New equipment is being brought in which will only be used in the case of accidents and not in random spot checks with some thirteen hundred accidents recorded in the city last

Brit Drugs Arrest in Benidorm

A 48-year-old British man was arrested by the National Police in the Rincón de Loix area of Benidorm at a police checkpoint, when he was found to have drugs on him. He was on a moped, and found to have eight and a half grams of cocaine and 20 grams of marijuana on him, as

Pirate Taxis, Speeding Drivers and UK Criminal All Nabbed in Alicante-Elche Airport Area

A pirate taxi,  a UK citizen wanted on charges back home, and speeding motorists have all been collared around Alicante-Elche airport in just one day, as the Elche local police ramped up their operations against law-breakers in a special set of checks.  The latest sweep by Elche officers flushed out a pirate cab, with licensed

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